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Meet Sacred Space Style, a seasoned real estate group with nearly two decades of expertise. As distinguished Superhosts on Airbnb for over two years, Sacred Space Style seamlessly merges their real estate finesse with top-tier hospitality. Their passion for design, literature, yoga, Pilates, and global travel enriches the welcoming vibe of the vacation homes for short term rentals designed by them.


With almost two decades in real estate, Sacred Space Style brings enriched insights to their distinct approach. Their two-year Superhosts tenure on Airbnb showcases their talent in curating exceptional vacation experiences. Sacred Space Style's diverse passions shape the unique ambiance of their vacation homes, offering guests a memorable 'home away from home.'

Top Rated

Sacred Space Style's dedication as distinguished Superhosts consistently exceeds guest expectations. Their commitment to crafting fully-equipped vacation homes defines top-tier hospitality. With unwavering availability and a genuine passion for guest satisfaction, Sacred Space Style ensures each stay becomes a cherished memory, fostering a high rate of returning guests. Their motto—'Home away from home'—is not just a slogan; it's their unwavering priority.

Industry experts

Sacred Space Style's extensive expertise in real estate scene, alongside their status as distinguished Superhosts, positions them as experts in both real estate and hospitality. Their knack for designing spaces that evoke the essence of 'home away from home' is unparalleled and fosters a high rate of returning guests.


As a seasoned Superhost for 9 years, Marcus ensures exceptional hospitality and memorable stays. His philosophy emphasizes prompt communication, attention to detail, and proactive service. Marcus maintains a pristine space with warmth and professionalism, backed by experience in technology and a passion for sports, culinary adventures, and global exploration.


Having accommodated hundreds of guests over a span of nine years, you can rest assured that your visit to New York City will be an unforgettable experience.

Top Rated

Marcus has consistently upheld the designation of Superhost, maintaining a stellar 5-star rating since the early days of his affiliation with the platform.

Industry experts

Having amassed years of experience in the hospitality sector across multiple states, including California, New York, and Florida, Marcus has honed exceptional skills to meet the highest industry standards in accommodating guests. Prioritizing your satisfaction is my guiding motto in the realm of hospitality. I am dedicated to ensuring your experience surpasses expectations.


I am a born and raised New Yorker (yes we exist), am in the health/wellness and design/architecture fields. I am a student and teacher and love to learn and experience new things at any chance. One of my favorite things is to introduce visitors to the real New York.

I was born in Flatbush Brooklyn and lived here until I was 3.5 when my parents moved us to Manhattan. My husband, who is a UK ex-pat has been having a love affair with Brooklyn since he moved here over 20 years ago. We have now bought our first home in Flatbush 40 years later and we absolutely love this neighborhood, it is without a doubt the best neighborhood in New York and everyone living here shares this secret between us.

I love hosting people and sharing a feeling of home for travelers. I also love to travel and wherever I am in the world, always look for the real living in that city and I enjoy nothing more than coming back to a place that feels like home. I think you will love our home and all the love we put into it to make you feel at home while enjoying all the magnificence of New York.

I live with my husband and child on the ground floor of the house. My husband is a photographer and works primarily from home so we are always around to help with anything you may need.


My dream was to always live in prospect heights. This house is literally a dream come true for me and my family.

While we don’t live there full time, upon building it imagined spending many years together filling it with memories.

When the time came to share it with let’s my heart expanded thinking about all the memories and amazing stories this home will hold.

I love hosting and having a space for loved ones to gather.

If there is anything needed to make your experience better it’s my pleasure to help. I look forward to hosting you and wish all the best on your life journeys.


Hi! I am Limor – I live and work in Manhattan. I love NYC life and what this city has to offer. I’ll be happy to provide any recommendations if needed . Welcome to NYC!


Music Entrepreneur, global traveler, New Yorker

Steven Z

New Yorker

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